“A victim of cardiac arrest can be survived if properly responded within the first 8 minutes”. This fact of saving a life can be reliever but instant responsible person is also required. Early defibrillation decreased the rate of death related to cardiac arrest. But one has to know about the defibrillation properly. Life saving skills needs proper training with the usage of the device. Installation of devices at every place does not confirm the rescue of the life. So, most of the common man should have the knowledge of using it within few seconds of any person attacked.



Know more about AED for its usage

With the motive of increasing the survival outcome, the proper AED has to be provided at different places. The concern of getting it at the proper time, many places are being provided with AED. They are helpful for out hospital and even in hospital cardiac arrest revival. AED is nothing other than the automated external defibrillator. It has a computer connected with wires to spongy pads. The victim has to be touched with the pads and the computer will analyze. On the analyzation it will provide the electric shock to the victim to restart the heart beat. Thus a life can be easily saved at any place.

Different types of AED used at different places

Different AEDs are available in market for usage at different places.

  • Automated defibrillators is perfect for usage at Airports, offices, gyms and other common places
  • Home defibrillator can be used at home from unexpected attacks
  • Zoll AED is best for home or office use


Many brands are launching various kinds of AEDS in the market. With the growing awareness, the sales are also growing high. In recent times, studies have shown a huge growth in the AED usage. It ensures that people are getting known about it and survival rate is increasing.